Some Strategic Ideas in Pursuing a Police Complaint

In the aftermath of the events of this summer’s G8/G20 protests in Toronto, many people affected by the summit’s policing decided to submit police complaints to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) in Toronto. This is a relatively new office and police complaints system, with which few lawyers and community groups have had much experience. In August of this year the MDC held a public information session which included a presentation on the police complaints system by students from Community Legal Aid Services Programme. A video of this session is available here

We have received a number of questions from individuals who have filed complaints expressing concern about the manner in which their investigations are being conducted, particularly in regards to those complaints referred to the Toronto Police Services (TPS) for investigation. We are not in a position to provide legal advice on this question, but have decided to put together a brief primer on strategic ideas you may wish to canvass if considering pursuing a police complaint. Note that the information provided in this document is general and not tailored to the specific circumstances of any particular individual.

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