Activist Legal Resources

Olympic Resistance Network Legal - Know Your Rights Guide PDF (Vancouver - some BC specific information)

McGrady Civil Disobedience Guide (Vancouver)

People's Commission on Security Certificates advisory on If CSIS Comes Knockin' (Montreal)

CCLA Know Your Rights Manual

BCCLA Arrest Guide

UVic Civil Disobedience Guide

Suing the Police in Small Claims Court (slightly out of date)

Toronto Cyclists Union

Legal Information/Assistance

Legal Aid Ontario

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Human Rights Legal Support Centre

Office of the Independent Police Review Director (Police Complaints)

Small Claims Court (Ontario)

Community Legal Education Ontario




No One Is Illegal

Community Mobilization Network


Legal Collectives

Midnight Special Law Collective (Oakland, California)

Coldsnap Legal (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

JustUs Legal Collective (NYC)

Just Cause Law Collective (Santa Cruz, California)


Legal Support Ottawa

Legal Organizations

Law Union of Ontario

National Lawyers Guild